Kai USA Shun Kitchen Knife Sharpening Steel

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Kai USA Shun Kitchen Knife SharpeningThe VG-10 stainless steel used for the cutting edge and core layer of Shun's Classic series Damascus blades is too hard for effective honing with an ordinary sharpening steel. Excessive pressure can even chip the fine edge, and the recommended method of sharpening this fine cutlery is a flat stone or one of Shun's home sharpening systems. For those of us who are determined to hang onto our tried and true habits, Shun provides a steel that matches up to VG-10, but use it with caution.

The old warnings about chipping the edge still apply, so use a light touch. The steel will definitely rework the edge, but it won't give the knife the original polish it had--a refinement you may not even miss. The best edge still results from careful whetting on a flat stone, at the proper angle, but for a quick touch up the sharpening steel is the easy answer.

On lesser cutlery this honing steel does fast work with less effort, quickly restoring blunted edges without the mess of whetstones or bulky grinding systems. This tool is not intended for reworking major damage, and when you stop getting quick results from its use, it is time to re-grind. Over the long haul, the sharpening steel is a great time saver, keeping your knives at peak efficiency.

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