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Kai USA Shun Portable Leather Roll UpAt last, a professional Chef's knife case you can trust--knife rolls may be the more common solution to traveling with cutlery, but soft-sided cases don't always mix well with fragile modern blades. This rugged fabric and leather roll-up from Shun solves most of the problems with a design that shows many of the features of good luggage, in a still convenient size.

With folded dimensions of 10" by 20" the case is bulkier than most, yet stiff enough that it has a stable folded form even when empty. Unfolding to 20" by 36" it still fits easily on a counter top, with slots for seventeen knives and compartments for assorted smaller tools. Everything locks down internally with velcro straps; the rigging is tight enough that large diameter handles may not fit the system. A little planning is also needed, because the firm structure doesn't allow every knife to fit anywhere; you need to center the large blades away from the folds or the roll-up may not close properly.

Heavy end flaps seal the roll when it's folded and strapped down, so there's no chance a good knife or small tool will work its way out and vanish. Some exterior surfaces are fabric, and that may be a little tough to keep clean. ScotchGard could help, but read the directions and make your own decisions about taking chemicals into the kitchen. A little tomato sauce here and there just shows you work for a living.

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