Kai USA Shun Steel Slicing Knife

9-Inch Damascus VG-10 Stainless

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Kai USA Shun Slicing Knife The all steel design of this 9" cutting edge Damascus stainless steel carving knife from Shun Cutlery uses methods similar to those that created the best samurai swords. The result is a traditional knife with superior edge holding and cutting ability, and a look good enough for dining service.

Shun's Damascus steel knives utilize a forged blade comprised of 33 layers of steel. The cutting edge is the single layer of hard VG-10 steel, too fragile to form an entire blade but capable of holding a thin acutely ground bevel that outperforms other designs in cutting ability. The sixteen high carbon stainless layers on each side of this core add strength and resilience. The finished knife is one of the best on today's market.

Polishing the layers results in a beautiful rippled blade surface that also has the low friction characteristics of a hollow ground blade, without the loss of blade strength that hollow grinding causes. Paper thin slices of roast meat fall away from the blade without tearing or distortion. The only limit is the skill of the chef.

Since VG-10 will chip on hard surfaces this knife is not intended for chopping bones or frozen food and will require special sharpening tools--a flat stone or appropriate sharpening system is recommended. Sharpening steels are not, although Shun does market one that is cleared for VG-10 applications.

If you want a set with a matching carving fork, see the Henckels Twin Cuisine Carving Set.

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