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Kitchen Full Tang Damascus Stainless 6 Inch Utility

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Kai USA Shun Tomato Knife I want so much to like this knife. Shun makes great knives, not ordinary knives, and this six inch cutting edge utility knife in Shun's famous modern version of Damascus steel is no exception. The light weight but strong blade with a VG-10 core and 32 supporting layers of high carbon stainless steel is seamlessly joined with a stainless handle, the entire design simple and efficient.

But, it's a serrated utility knife, the style that most people call a sandwich knife. Unless you work in a sandwich shop you don't need this knife, and it might not make sense even there. The serrated edge will do what it's supposed to do, slice through hard crusted breads and soft ones, as well as layers of lettuce, onion, tomatoes, cheese and meat without disturbing the structure of the sandwich. When it dulls, however, you'll have to send it back to the factory for resharpening. VG-10 holds an edge well but not forever.

Some people like this knife because it cuts tomatoes so well. Try any of Shun's excellent slicing knives that have smooth edges and they'll do better. Serrations on steel of this quality are redundant. In fact, the reason for the Damascus style supporting layers is that VG-10 is hard enough to chip, so putting teeth on it increases the risk of damage through accidents and misuse.

If you buy this knife, take care of it. Keep it in a block, not loose in a drawer. Wash it by hand, not in a dishwasher where the points of those teeth will rattle against ceramic and metal.

If you need a cheese knife as well, see this hard cheese knife by Wusthof.

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