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Kapoosh Freedom Rod Universal KnifeMany of us have collected our kitchen knives one or two at a time over the years, getting bargains or gifts here and there and winding up with hodgepodge assortments that do the work just fine--but when you get a knife block, they won't quite fit. Hardwood blocks are usually designed for the knives that company sells, not for all the knives you actually have.

The Kapoosh intends to be the best answer to that problem. Basically a fairly tight bundle of thin plastic rods housed in a stainless steel base, any knife can be slid into the core and find a home. The soft plastic rods securely grip any shape of blade without damaging cutting edges and the entire core can be removed and run through a dishwasher.

Although it's a fine idea many will appreciate, there are a few issues which arise after a few months of use. Heavy knives should be placed at the bottom of the holder, because they'll shift there anyway, sometimes permanently warping the core rods as they drift down toward the bottom edge. The holder is too short to hold the longest kitchen blades without exposing several inches of cutting edge.

Unless you're careful, knife edges will shave off strips of the rods that tend to cling to blades and get into food. Last of all, if you run that core through the washer you'll have a terrible time trying to get it dry--the rod bundle holds water like the teeth of a comb will do, so a quick wash sometimes turns into a week-long project.

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