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KitchenAid Chef Chopper With 240 Watts of power and full sized features, this three cup blender offers food processing functions in a compact machine that's easy to clean and appropriate for small kitchens and small recipes. Chop everything from nuts to meat and cheese, as well as pureeing sauces and spreads.

The reverse spiral action of the blades and central pillar pulls food down, keeping the chopping action constant and helping to eliminate those chunks that somehow evade the blade. Be sure you don't overload the work bowl when chopping heavier items like meat or cheese, because jamming too much food in the machine won't allow proper action.

More ingredients can be added in stages through an opening in the top of the blender--one side for dry ingredients and the other for liquid. Overfilling may cause some overflow as well, so work on small amounts until you are familiar with the chopper's practical limits.

The Chef Chopper is guaranteed for one year from purchase, with a total replacement clause that gets you a brand new machine if something does go wrong. You can avoid trouble by being careful of small plastic locking tabs--make sure pieces are fitted together properly before applying pressure to lock them down.

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