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Burr Professional KPCG100ER

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KitchenAid Coffee Grinder A substantially made die-cast metal base is the foundation for a countertop grinder with fifteen grind sizes (settings in half size increments) and commercial quality stainless steel cutting burrs. Prepare automatic drip grounds or go for a more exotic grind perfect for your French press or Espresso maker.

The hopper holds up to seven ounces of beans per batch. Made of glass, the hopper and bin are easy to clean and resist static cling effects on the grounds. The motor is paired with a gear reduction system for quieter grinding. Turning at four hundred and fifty rpm, there is minimal friction to heat the beans as they grind. The entire design is made to fit under a standard cabinet. The hopper, its lid, and the bin are all safe for dishwasher cleanup.

Users confirm glass makes for easier cleanup, less flyaway, and less static issues with their grounds. Customers loved the versatility in grind options for their personalized coffee experiences. Complaints seem to center around various points at which beans become stuck outside the workings of the machine, but low tech solutions seem to easily remedy this minor drawback.

You'll want to take care when grinding flavored coffee items as the residue can affect the next batch you grind. The noise of the machine is within an acceptable range for an item of its size. The large size of the unit means it occupies more space than might be convenient. A piece of this size and nature would be well-suited for families who grind a lot of coffee. Definitely an overall crowd pleaser for appearance and function.

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