KitchenAid Coffee Maker Set

Stainless Carafe w/ Warming Plate 12 Cup KPCM100PM

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KitchenAid Coffee Maker Set This KitchenAid coffee maker is part of the Pro Line series. A die cast metal warming plate and second carafe are included in the set. The system features a 1350 watt stainless steel heat pump and a brew basket also in stainless steel. A front fill reservoir means you can access from the top and front of the appliance to add your water instead of moving the machine out from under your cabinets. Each glass carafe holds twelve cups, offers a no drip spout and is dishwasher safe. The set includes two black lids and one orange lid. The ion exchange water filter is replaceable. It reduces chlorine and contaminants and so helps to provide a better coffee with improved flavor. The filter softens your water as well, meaning less scale buildup.

Tones sound to signal the end of the brewing cycle and maximum fill achieved in the water reservoir. The tone volume can be adjusted to high, low or silent. The advanced system of the machine quiets most of the usual brewing cycle noise.

This is a definite must if you make large quantities of coffee, perfect for family gatherings or office settings. Brew two types or flavors of coffee and keep both warm. Always have a pot ready to go even as you brew a fresh one. The second carafe is handy even if you only keep it on hand in case you break the first. Extensive use of stainless steel and the special features of the pump and filter should extend the life of the coffee maker.

This model features an incredible number of extra features you may not be used to, but once experienced, you won't want to live without them.

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