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Stainless Digital 10 Cup KCM-515

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KitchenAid Coffee Maker The KCM-515 features an automatic shutoff and a full dispersion showerhead to fully soak your grounds. The Gold Tone filter has a fine mesh which means you can skip the hassle of paper filter use. The programmable brewing cycle allows you to have fresh brewed coffee waiting for you first thing in the morning or use the one to four cup brewing option for smaller quantities. Electronic temperature controls keep your coffee warmed to the proper temperature as the stainless steel thermal carafe preserves freshness.

Universally customers seem to have issues with the ability of the machine to heat the water for decent coffee preparation and with the whole set to keep coffee at an acceptable temperature. True there are ways around this, but a customer shouldn't have to microwave the coffee they just brewed in order to render it drinkable. The featured display which signals time since brewing works in thirty minute increments, not giving anywhere near an actual idea of the length of time the coffee has been sitting.

The stainless steel carafe does seem to eliminate the burned coffee flavor that a glass carafe can have, but with overflows, clogs and the pain of cleaning this model, it is not a recommended machine.

For a different approach, try the Aeropress coffee press for another way to get your perfect cup of coffee.

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