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Kitchen Black Nylon Tools 4 Piece

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KitchenAid Culinary Utensil Set KitchenAid has created a very stylish looking matching set in the 4 piece Culinary grouping. Created from nylon, these tools have heads which are heat resistant up to 450 degrees. The handles are made to enhance your grip.

The set includes a slotted turner, basting spoon, slotted spoon, and ladle. They are safe for use with nonstick cookware. This KitchenAid set is imported. These items are safe for the dishwasher.

The utensil set looks lovely but the balance of the weight in the handles is such that they are prone to fall or flip out of pots and pans, making a mess. The size seems to be an issue for users overall. They tend to find the handles too thick, the girth getting in the way of storage as well. The thickness of the spatula can make it awkward to catch the sides of items like eggs.

Beware that the metal parts of the handle can get hot. Generally this is not a set you want if you tend to leave your tools laying on the stove, but with their temperature rating, they shouldn't melt and shred as some styles do. Otherwise they seem to hold up well, perform dutifully, and help preserve cookware life as they don't scratch the cooking surface.

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