KitchenAid Easy Lift Toaster

Stainless Steel 2 Slice w/ Bagel Setting

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KitchenAid Easy Lift Toaster Several important design improvements built into this classic KitchenAid 2-Slice Toaster help to ensure even toasting every time. Cheaper toasters have wire heating elements that change position as they heat and cool, making the toast color control a real gamble. In this toaster, the heavy heating elements are held flat against mica sheets, and the baskets beneath the wide slots automatically center the bread. This controlled heating distance gives much more consistent results.

KitchenAid adds a number of convenient perks to the system, including a one push button selection that browns sliced bagels on one side only, and another pushbutton setting for warming already toasted items. I'm remembering countless times I could have used that--every time I got interrupted before the butter hit the toast, actually.

A dark/light control knob with settings you can feel as you turn gives you full control of the browning cycle and keeps the setting you pick. If your experiment goes awry and you need to stop the cycle just push up on the Easy Lift lever and your toast is rescued instantly.

Stainless steel construction and internal heat shields concentrate the heat where it's needed and keep the exterior of the machine cooler. KitchenAid backs this toaster with a hassle free warranty that replaces defective machines with brand new ones for a full one year after purchase.

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