KitchenAid Programmable Coffee Maker, 10 Cup

Java Studio Stainless Steel w/ Thermal Carafe

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KitchenAid Java Studio Coffee Maker The KitchenAid JavaStudio features a vacuum insulated stainless steel thermal carafe. The machine has a programmable brew cycle for morning-ready coffee fresh upon awakening.

The JavaStudio is clad in stainless steel for a stylish design. The assembly includes a Gold Tone filter, stainless steel with gold plating, which is fine mesh and eliminates the need for paper filters. This appliance has a ten cup capacity, but also a one to four cup brewing cycle for smaller quantities. The time since brew completion is prominently displayed.

Users found the controls intuitive to use and the lid of the carafe to be highly functional. It is nice to have a carafe that isn't made of glass if potential breakage is an issue in your house and it is a pleasure to be able to brew without dealing with filters, but these accommodations do not make up for the multitude of flaws.

Difficult to view water levels were a consistent source of frustration. The ability to set coffee up to auto brew in the mornings was offset by the audible ready tone of the machine acting as an impromptu alarm clock and lack of preheat of the carafe led to tepid results. This is only one of a variety of temperature issues people have experienced. Difficult to clean, requiring more grounds and actually making less coffee from the additional grounds, this machine may not necessarily offer the convenience implied.

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