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Electric Stand Mixer Attachment KPEX

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KitchenAid Pasta Excellence Set KitchenAid's KPEX Pasta Excellence Attachment Pack for KitchenAid Stand Mixers includes everything you need for making your own pasta--except the ingredients, and practice. It's a learning experience.

The parts are high quality items, well constructed and fairly easy to operate. After making dough, the first step is to use the roller attachment to create pasta sheets. Then the various cutting attachments can be used to separate the pasta sheets into noodles of appropriate sizes for everything from lasagna to angel hair. Nothing matches up to the flavor, but be aware that it's a large scale project, especially if you make ravioli.

The ravioli maker is the least satisfactory part of the accessory bundle. Unlike the other accessories, it isn't powered by the mixer; the mixer only holds it steady while you feed pasta sheets through it and crank a handle to pull the dough through the press. The result is a sheet of pasta with pockets rolled into it, and in theory you can fill the pockets with your choice of tasty treats, lay another pasta sheet on top, and cut it all into perfect ravioli.

It's not quite that easy. The thickness of the pasta sheets has to be just so--too thin and they'll explode during cooking. The pasta has to be just the right mix or the ravioli won't seal (many will have to be sealed by hand anyway); and if any air pockets are left, once again it's exploding ravioli time.

I'm sure it can be done, but whether your patience will outlast the learning curve is in doubt. Don't put ravioli on the menu the first night you try this. Have Plan B waiting. Better yet, have something to eat first.

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