KitchenAid Professional Stand Mixer

600 Series 6 Quart KP26M1XNP

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KitchenAid Professional Stand MixerThe power of the five hundred and seventy five watt motor on the KP26M1XNP will mix up to fourteen cups of all purpose flour or eight pounds of mashed potatoes and make double batches of bread dough. The PowerKnead spiral dough hook included replicates hand kneading. The ten speed slide control moves you from very fast whip to very slow stir and a Soft Start mixing function will lessen splatter and flour dusting. The electronic speed sensor works to maintain consistent mixing speed even as ingredients are added. The unit will automatically shut off when overload is detected, a nice safety feature.

This set includes a six quart stainless steel mixing bowl with contoured handle, professional wire whip, burnished flat beater, spiral dough hook, and pouring shield. The attachment hub has a hinged cover which opens for installation of attachments. The seamless motor head design helps make cleaning easier. An all-metal construction, the KitchenAid features a premium satin-pearl custom finish available in a variety of colors. One year hassle-free replacement warranty backs the KitchenAid name.

Companies change hands, manufacturers change suppliers, companies change manufacturers. In the modern day, it is far more unlikely than likely that you're getting the same item your grandmother knew and loved. There was an issue with the all metal gears having plastic housing, but KitchenAid seems to have been working to satisfy any customers with concerns in this area. The main complaints seem to focus on some attachments which aren't dishwasher safe (simply check yours before washing), general noise of the machine, and gears stripping in what seem to be some defective machines.

Overall, though, customers are overwhelmingly pleased, love the power of this mixer, and make multiple batches with speed and ease. The main wish seems to be for a tilt design for the bowl, a minor addition.

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