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KitchenAid Stand Mixer Can Opener Built to fit all KitchenAid electric household stand mixers, the KitchenAid CO Attachment easily locks onto the motor hub and opens all sizes of food cans. The construction is solid, the framework of the attachment is heavy stainless steel, and both toothed gears and cutting blade are durable.

In spite of that, the CO Attachment is not an appliance that will last forever. In use the cutting blade will wear down gradually and isn't replaceable. If you want to extend the life of this useful accessory, use a few drops of vegetable oil on the cutting blade and the bearings behind the toothed gears that grip the can edges. That will ease the load on the mixer motor as well.

Food buildup behind the gears seriously decreases the efficiency of any can opener, even handhelds. Keep in mind that every time you clean this accessory with soap and water, you're removing any lubricant as well as any contamination. The vegetable oil trick may make the difference between six months of service and a couple of years.

If you're getting poor results, with can lids that don't separate from the cans even after three rounds on the opener, the blade has probably seen its good days already and it's time for a new solution to this old problem.

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