KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus Hand Mixer

Onyx Black 7 Speed KHM7T

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KitchenAid Ultra Power Plus Hand Mixer Absolutely the most shocking thing I have heard about a mixer- there are no beaters to lick. Can you imagine?! The design of the beaters has been reconsidered. Now, thinly torqued blades coupled with the absence of a center post equal: less clogging, less collection of ingredients on the blades, and easier cleanup. Moms will be thrilled! Children around the world will begin to sob.

People find the mixer to be powerful and very user friendly, with the controls well positioned. The improved blade design is welcome and makes a difference. The Soft Start feature allows you to begin mixing slowly, cutting down on splatter and flour dust. The digital touchpad controls offer seven settings with two slow stir speeds, and an electronic sensor adjusts the power to produce a steady mixing speed.

This model has a 200 watt motor, protected air vents, and a convenient beater eject. It is possible to prepare double batches with this mixer.

The power cord is rounded, a feature I appreciate, as I constantly get my stickiest dough caught in the trough of other cords (and in the air vents, so protected vents get a big thumbs up). The large number of helpful features makes this one of the most highly recommended models I've come across.

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