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Digital Automatic FMF5

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Krups Automatic Coffee Maker The Krups FMF5 intends to be what any coffee drinker wants from an automatic coffee maker--something you can set up before you go to bed that has a hot pot of good coffee ready when you get up. Its fully-programmable brewing system allows complete control of strength and aroma even if you make one cup in the ten cup pot. The FMF5 includes water filtration to remove unwanted tap water flavors and reduce lime, and internal sensors announce when lime scale should be removed with a diluted flush of vinegar.

Field testing by owners has not been completely favorable. Many of the issues reported are small ones, the result of operator malfunctions rather than machine problems. However, this is the first machine you will encounter in your day, and these little issues are important. Of more concern is that coffee temperature is often too low--Krups recommends heating the double walled stainless steel vacuum carafe with hot water before use, which can't be done unless you wake up to do it. This makes it a better choice for the break room at work than the kitchen at home. That's balanced somewhat by the welcome addition of a mid-brew option, allowing you to halt the process, pour an emergency cup of joe, and start it up again without making a mess.

An even more important issue is that a number of FMF5's consistently brew coffee that has a distinct melted plastic taste. The company's service recommendations haven't often resolved that issue, so if you get a machine with that fault and have an exchange option, take advantage of it quickly. The most common problem reported by owners of the FMF5 continues to be the low quality of the coffee it brews.

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