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Krups Belgian Waffle Chef The 1400 Watt Krups Waffle Chef consumes almost as much power as a space heater, so think about where you'll be putting it before you decide to buy. The power cord is short for safety reasons (long cords are easily snagged, possibly pulling the machine off the counter while hot) so you'll need to clear counter space near an outlet. Using the Waffle Chef under an overhanging cabinet isn't a great idea.

By following directions carefully, you can get the great waffles Krups promises from this machine. On the preheated griddle the Waffle Chef will produce four Belgian waffles in four minutes and be ready for another round. It is also possible for that process to go awry.

Common mistakes include forgetting to spray or brush oil or butter on both top and bottom griddles before spooning on the batter; and overfilling the machine. The Waffle Chef is supposedly easy to clean, but I've never used a counter top appliance that was, and this one does not break the pattern. Cleanup is difficult, with many grooves and crevices (even the hinges) where excess batter and stray oils can and will accumulate.

The purpose of the "ready" lights on the machine can be easily misunderstood. One indicates that the unit is plugged in and powered; the other will turn off when the Waffle Chef is heated and ready for batter. It may come on again during the four minute cooking time, but that only means the heating element has turned on again--it has nothing to do with whether the waffles are ready.

Keep a pot holder handy and use it--the stay-cool handle will probably be heated up by venting steam, in spite of what the manual says.

The VillaWare UNO Belgian Waffle Maker is another model to consider.

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