Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker

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Krups Moka Brew Coffee Maker The Krups Moka Brew is unusual even in how the water is added- it is filled through a container below the warming plate. The Moka brewing system refers to the use of pressure from steam to extract the flavor from coffee. A stainless steel heating element and water reservoir produce fast results at an optimal temperature while the aroma-saving filter chamber helps preserve the fragrant aroma of the coffee.

To get more from this machine, it should be paired with a good grinder and a carafe for storage. These are recommended to preserve the temperature and quality of the coffee. It takes a little more prep time than regular drip coffee (it works better with a bit of packing to the grounds), but you get a greater intensity of flavor from your beans. You'll likely need to use less coffee and want to re-experience some brands you've passed over previously as the machine and preparation change the taste significantly.

The machine comes with filters, but using the filters and finding replacements have given people some concern. Thankfully, regular filters can be easily adapted for use. In fact, for some, the use of slightly larger filters has made their manipulation even simpler.

Many refer to this as the best coffee maker they've ever used, period. The beverage produced approaches European-style coffee without requiring an espresso maker. The simplicity of operation is refreshing; the coffee is strong, smooth, and not bitter.

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