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Kyocera Ceramic Blade Utility Knife The slotted blade vegetable peeler is one of the nicest kitchen gadgets you'll find--nearly every kitchen has a couple laying around and the last time they were sharp was the day they left the factory. In fact, unless you've lost yours and had to replace it you may not even remember what it's like to use one that has a good edge.

The peeler in this gift set from Kyocera, manufacturer of fine ceramic blade kitchen knives, is a much different animal. In fact, you should be careful to keep your fingers out of the way, because the zirconium oxide cutter in this peeler is not your grandmother's kitchen toy. It cuts. You'll be amazed at how slight an effort it takes to peel vegetables or fruit.

The matching ergonomic utility knife, with red handle and white zirconium oxide blade, is equally impressive and so sharp you'll have to develop new habits to use it well. Non stick, rust proof, and stainless, the utility knife slices perfectly through boneless meat, veggies and fruits, with a razor sharp edge that won't need sharpening for years.

With each, you'll need to avoid hard surfaces--wood or plastic are the only acceptable cutting surfaces. Leverage or sideways pressure may snap the blades, as will dropping them on the floor. The handles offer excellent grip through shape and texture, so with reasonable care a fall is unlikely. Edges could chip if used improperly, so study the detailed instructions before first use.

Here's a larger ceramic knife gift set from Green Mountain.

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