Kyocera Revolution Professional Chef’s Knife

Kitchen White Ceramic 7 Inch

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Kyocera Revolution Professional Chef'sThis 7" Chef's knife from Kyocera's Revolution series adds both length and depth to the zirconium oxide ceramic blade. Closer to the usual dimensions of a good santoku or chef's knife, this version offers users better knuckle clearance and enough cutting edge for larger work.

The cutting ability of ceramic blades is nothing but exceptional. The initial edge is sharper than the razor edge of most good steel knives, and does not dull in the same way or at the same rate. Used properly, this knife will hold a sharp edge up to ten times longer than the best steel counterparts.

The fine edge will eventually dull through micro chipping rather than rounding, as steel will do. Even with noticeable chips the blade remains functional, and may stay in good condition for more than a year before you'd need to send it to the factory for refurbishing. It can't be resharpened at home, however.

You'll need your old steel backup knives for some work--neither edge nor blade of this rust free, acid resistant, non stick knife can stand sideways stress. A straight sliding cut in line with the blade is the only approved action--twisting, chopping or prying will void the five year limited warranty against breakage. Dropping the blade on a hard surface may chip or break the blade, so be careful. Bone is especially damaging to this knife's edge, so choose another steel knife for carving meats.

If this sounds like a lot of restrictions to follow, just try slicing with it. This blade is so efficient and sharp that it hardly requires pressure behind it. What it does, it does very well.

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