Kyocera Revolution Series Chef’s Knife

Kitchen 6 1/4 Inch Black Ceramic Blade

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Kyocera Revolution Series Chef's Knife The Kyocera Revolution Series, including this black zirconium oxide Chef's knife, is for those who insist on working only with the best tools. Kyocera claims the edge holding ability of these blades is ten times the best their competition can offer. Even so, this is a great knife only for specific kitchen tasks, and is too far ahead of its time to be completely practical.

No one can argue with the quality of the edge and the slicing ability--the only word of warning necessary is to check the edge when the knife comes out of the box, because many have been slightly damaged in storage and shipment. The limited five year warranty will attend to most issues if addressed promptly. This isn't a knife you can sharpen at home--refurbishing the edge isn't often needed but will have to be done at the factory.

The ceramic blade takes an edge that outperforms any steel knife on today's market, staying razor sharp and capable of slicing food so thin it's transparent. Chefs as concerned with appearance as with taste will find many applications for the Revolution. But--they will also find limitations. Ceramic blades break when flexed or dropped, and the edges will chip. It's a little strange that an expensive knife should be used for straight cuts only, but any work that involves twisting or flexing of the blade is banned. Use the Revolution only on wood or plastic cutting boards, and be careful.

For example, most of us are very used to holding the tip of the blade down with one hand and pivoting the knife with a chopping motion to mince herbs or slice vegetables. You can't do that with the Revolution. It's a fine knife, but you'll need steel knives to back it up.

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