Kyocera Revolution Series Slicing Knife

Kitchen 5 Inch White Ceramic Blade

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Kyocera Revolution Series Slicing Knife The modern alternative to steel blades, Kyocera's Revolution 5 inch slicing knife has definite advantages over the usual stainless steel knife, but at a cost. You will need steel backup blades even if this zirconium oxide ceramic knife becomes your favorite. And it could. Even with its limitations, it's a great slicing knife.

Advantages include light weight, a comfortable ergonomically correct handle, and true rust resistance at last--something cutlers have been searching for with limited success since the first conversion of iron to steel. The ceramic blade is also acid proof and non stick, so it won't impart unwanted flavors to acidic foods and it's very easily cleaned. The edge of the knife does not erode in the same way as steel. Instead of becoming rounded and blunt, it degrades by micro chipping. Typically, it will remain razor sharp up to ten times longer than the best steel options, and in a home kitchen that means a knife that won't need sharpening for many months and possibly even a year or two. When it does dull, it will have to be sent back to the factory for refurbishing.

Drawbacks focus on that chipping issue I mentioned--ceramic knives are breakable and the edge is the most delicate part. You can't use them on any cutting surface other than wood or plastic, and you can only use them for straight slicing. No chopping, twisting, or prying, or you'll void the five year breakage warranty that begins at purchase. You can't put sideways pressure on this blade, not even for crushing a garlic clove, and using the chef's knife method of holding down the tip and chopping with the rear of the blade is not an option either--you'll ruin the portion that rotates on the cutting board.

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