Kyocera Revolution Utility Knife

Japanese Kitchen Cutlery | Black Ceramic 4 1/4 Inch

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Kyocera Revolution Utility Knife With many distinct advantages over steel knives, the Kyocera ceramic blade line represented by this fine black Utility Knife will still require some special care and caution. This 4 1/4" knife is razor sharp and will stay that way as much as ten times longer than the best steel knives, but there is a cost. This knife is for slicing work only.

At slicing it certainly excels, cutting effortlessly through boneless meat and vegetables within the range of its rather short blade. Cutting on hard surfaces is forbidden, as is rotating the blade from side to side under pressure as in dicing herbs. The reason is that the blade and the edge are not flexible and will chip or break under twisting or bending stress or if run against hard items like bone and frozen food. So you'll have to give up some old habits like smashing garlic with the flat of the blade, and be careful not to drop it off the counter top.

The edge is more durable than I may have led you to think, because tiny chips that normally accumulate as the blade wears are themselves sharp edged and even with some damage the cutting action is still extraordinary. When it does need work, you'll have to ship it back to the factory for sharpening. Other maintenance is simple, because the ceramic is non stick, rust free, and cleans up easily by hand.

You should be critical of the edge as soon as the knife arrives, because some have been worn down from handling and shipping stresses and need work immediately. The knives have a limited warranty against breakage and defects for five years.

If you want to pass on your love of ceramic knives to others, this Kyocera Santoku Gift Set is perfect for the occasion.

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