LamsonSharp Utility Knife

Solingen Stainless Steel Forged 5 Inch

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LamsonSharp Utility Knife This five inch Utility Knife from LamsonSharp combines American craftsmanship and high quality Solingen stainless steel from Germany. Made in Shelburne Falls, Massachusetts, by Lamson & Goodnow, makers of fine American cutlery since 1837, this LamsonSharp knife has a lifetime warranty covering both defects and edge maintenance. Buy this knife and the craftsman who made it will sharpen it free, for life.

A polypropylene KnifeSafe sheath is included for safe and convenient storage.

With those substantial benefits, this is still an ordinary knife. The plain edge blade, with forged bolster and full tang slab handle of resin infused Dymondwood, is handy for slicing tomatoes, boning poultry and fish, and many other common kitchen chores. Very often one of the first knives acquired, the utility blade usually is superseded by specialty knives when sets fill out. Some do find it one of the knives most often used, but that's a personal choice.

Forged construction makes this a strong knife for tough applications, able to withstand twisting and bending stresses. The Solingen steel in this blade holds an edge well and is easily sharpened, but compared to harder Japanese steel it will require more edge maintenance. Sharpening is simple, and unless you really wreck the blade somehow it's hard to imagine why you'd ever have to send it back to the factory for work.

Compare this with the Wusthof Classic Utility Knife.

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