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Larien Bagel Biter w/ Stainless SteelThe Larien Bagel Biter may seem like a lot of machine if all you want is a sliced bagel, but that baker's treat stays fresher if you buy them unsliced, and if you want to open one up at home to add a spread of cream cheese, you seldom get even halves with just a knife and a cutting board. For this machine to be practical in your home, you'll just have to love bagels.

Since this is one of very few commercial-quality machines that is also affordable, it's worth a close look even if you're not a heavy user of bagels. Soft breads might not work so well with this diagonal guillotine blade, but the tougher texture of a bagel is something it handles very well. With one smooth stroke, you get perfect symmetrical toastable halves nearly every time.

The ABS food grade plastic construction of base and frame is strong and safe. One-handed operation is easy, and there's no penalty for left handers. Cleanup is simple and should be nothing more than a quick wipe down by hand.

Safety was my primary doubt when I saw this thing for the first time, and should be a concern of anyone who has young children or even teenagers in the house. Although the clear plastic safety shields technically will stop the plunging motion before the blade reaches a playful finger, the shield itself could cause some painful injuries. Store this gadget out of the reach of children, and watch them carefully if you let them work with it.

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