Le Creuset Baking Pan

Blue Enameled Cast Iron Pate Terrine 4 by 12-2/3 Inch

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Le Creuset Baking Pan Not simply for pate, the pan can be used to bake or to assemble layered desserts. Made in France from cast iron with high quality vitreous enamel coating, the surface is impermeable, meaning it is safe for food storage or for soaking foods in marinade. The company has been making cast iron cookware since 1925; their cast molten steel is expertly enameled. The pan has two integral handles and the lid a loop handle.

Cooks can use the terrine on the stovetop (suitable for all heat sources), in the oven (even under the broiler), in the refrigerator or freezer, or for marinades. Even heat distribution will carmelize and brown as well as look lovely on your table. Dishwasher safe for easy cleanup, but hand washing is recommended to prevent dulling of the enamel finish. Such dulling won't impair performance but may leave the product less brilliant. A lifetime warranty applies for the original owner (whether bought for yourself or given as a gift).

This design is simple beauty. It looks more like a decorative piece than cookware, yet is made to provide ease and versatility in cooking. Just a few cautions need to be considered. Be sure you do not slide the product across a glass surface or damage may occur. Metal utensils are not recommended for use with the terrine. Be aware that while the product is cast iron, damage can take place if it is dropped or hits against a hard surface, so take extra care with the enamel.

The manufacturer suggests hand drying immediately, not leaving the pan to air dry or storing it wet. Here weight in the pan is a benefit: seals in moisture and flavor, keeps the pan solidly on the stove surface, prevents warp, and retains heat in your foods beyond the initial serving. The Le Creuset truly combines form and function.

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