Le Creuset Fondue Pot

Blue Enameled Cast Iron Set 1-3/4 Quart

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Le Creuset Fondue Pot The Le Creuset Fondue pot will help you prepare your most hassle free fondue yet. Start the pot on the stove and transfer it to the burner for faster heating. Many recipes are included with the set. At one and three quarter quart capacity, there will be enough room for guests to enjoy as well.

The pot is molded cast iron with a glossy porcelain enameled coating of the highest quality. Enamel won't retain odors or flavors and it won't stain. Foods don't react with the surface. It is easy to clean and scratch resistant, oven safe to four hundred degrees and safe for a variety of stovetops. Even distribution of heat means less cooking time is involved. The heat also remains in the pan longer, allowing you to linger over your treats.

The stainless steel alcohol burner has an adjustable flame. The cast iron stand is stable and safe. The Le Creuset comes with six color coded stainless steel and wooden forks. The pot is dishwasher safe, but hand washing is recommended (do not use metal pads or harsh abrasive products to clean, simply soak the dish if food residue is stubborn). There is a lifetime warranty for the original owner, whether purchased for yourself or received as a gift.

Cheese, oil, or broth fondue, sweet or savory melted items, your food won't burn with the gentle heat held in the cast iron. The pot sits securely in the base, so tipping isn't a worry. Medium to low heats are preferable for fondue and for the pot itself. The only real issue seems to be with the base sometimes getting a bit hot, otherwise customers love this attractive little fondue set.

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