Le Creuset Petite Pear

Kitchen Stone Casserole Dish

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Le Creuset Petite Pear This beautiful stoneware individually sized Petite Pear Casserole dish from Le Creuset looks so good some use it as a decorative piece instead of as the practical cookware it really is. Useful for puddings, dips, and any baked dessert or casserole, a single Petite Pear can be a decorative centerpiece that doubles as a condiment server, while several make a unique dessert set for special occasions.

Dishwasher safe and strong enough to take some rough use, the Petite Pear and its counterparts are non-porous with a high gloss exterior glaze, fired at over two thousand degrees. They are not intended for stove top use, but are approved for microwave ovens as well as conventional and convection ovens. Some care needs to be taken to protect the more delicate parts, in this case the decorative stem.

Although Le Creuset does not include recipe suggestions with the Petite Pear, the decorative look shouldn't stop you from experimenting with any baked dish recipe. Customers suggest using the serving sized cookware as a way of tailoring recipes to individuals, whether they have special taste preferences or special dietary needs. Matching pieces are available as well as equivalents in different styles and colors. Options include ramekins with or without lids fired in the same glossy finish.

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