Le Creuset Precision Pour Saucepan w/ Lid

Enameled Cast Iron Blue 1-1/4 Quart

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Le Creuset Precision Pour Saucepan w/Le Creuset pans are known for their quality. Each item is hand finished and unique. Cast iron has superior heat distribution and retention. The double coated enamel finish is made to last and resist damage. The new lip doesn't drip. The nonabrasive bottoms perform on any stove. The phenolic knob and longer handle are oven safe to four hundred degrees. The warranty on the pan is good for the lifetime of the original owner, whether purchased or received as a gift.

A selection of vibrant color options is available. Moisture and flavors are sealed in due to the fit and weight of the lid. Weight is an all around benefit: keeping pans seated, preventing warp, holding heat in your dishes. Medium and lower heats achieve the best results and will be all you'll need. Flavors and odors won't remain in the cookware to spoil your next dish. Special cookware cleaners and detergents containing enzymes can help in cleaning, but in most cases a simple soak and hand wash will do.

This is a nice pan for melting, preparing sauces, and small chores- anything requiring long, slow heat. Le Creuset makes excellent cookware, durable, and built for decades of use with a bit of care.

Here's a set of 4 Le Creuset ramekins that'll go nicely with this saucepan.

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