Le Creuset Stoneware Ramekin Set

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Le Creuset Stoneware Ramekin Set Of all the items in my kitchen, my favorites bear the Le Creuset brand. It's not an inexpensive brand, so the ramekins are a great way to get a little bit of Creuset cachet for not a lot of cash. These are pieces that I display proudly on my open shelving. They aren't just fantastic to cook with-- they are gorgeous, lending my rather bland kitchen a bit of sorely needed French flair. These bright blue ramekins shine like sapphires in my cupboards. You could buy less expensive boring white ramekins. But they won't look this good.

The modest size is perfect for individual desserts. I've also used them for baked appetizer dips. They are a bit too small for something like a French Onion soup or baked (shirred) eggs. (I use my 6-ounce ramekins for dishes like that.) But I do use them for displaying condiments (like holding cheese, onions, and other items when I'm serving a chili buffet.

I use mine for kid-sized items, like miniature macaroni-and-cheese. And speaking of French flair, these are perfect for serving little chocolate souffles (I love individual desserts!). I make souffles beforehand and freeze them right in these containers. Then you can take them right from the freezer to the oven. Then it's off to the table for serving.

Like all Le Creuset stoneware, they are bullet-proof and very resistant to cracking or chipping.

I love mine so much that I use them as I would a small bowl, layering yogurt, fruit, and granola for a quick breakfast, etc.

Also take a look at some Le Creuset cast iron cookware, like this saucier pan.

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