Lodge Dutch Oven Cookware

Porcelain Enameled Cast Iron 6 Quart

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Lodge Dutch Oven Cookware Forget having to perform the process of seasoning your cast iron. The durable double layer of porcelain enamel resists chipping and does not retain flavors or odors, so you can cook any number of dishes and be assured only their true tastes will come through. The hefty lid fits tightly to seal in moisture and nutrients as you cook.

Cast iron heats well, holds that heat and offers superior heat distribution from all sides. The knob on the lid is safe to 400 degrees. Hand washing is recommended, but as there is no exposed cast iron to handle (porcelain covers even the black rim), cleaning is very easy. Store your food in the same vessel, as the Lodge Dutch oven can go into the refrigerator or freezer.

This enameled porcelain pot is a solid one-pan cooking, storing, and serving solution. Safe for most cooktops, you can cook in the pan and take it right to the table for an attractive presentation, then keep your leftovers in the same dish and anticipate an easy cleanup when you're through. With only one pan to clean from all that use, you won't mind washing it by hand. This is a quality piece of kitchen equipment that will serve your family for a long time.

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