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Magic Bullet Express Kitchen Blender There's good reason to call this Blender Mixing System magic. It seems to do everything. Only as big as a coffee mug, this do-it-all wonder replaces the blender, food processor, and coffee grinder. Sounds like a dream come true, right?

The Magic Bullet Express is the ideal combination of multi-purpose and compact. Plus it's easy to use. All you do is put the ingredients into one of the six cups that accompanies the machine- one small, one tall, and four party cups with colored lip rings. Then you add the blades- either the cross blade or flat blade-and put the bullet on the power base. Push down and in 10 seconds you've got minced garlic, pureed squash, grated cheese, pasta sauce, a protein shake... pretty much anything you could ever want as far as cooking and eating are concerned.

And if you're short on ideas, the Magic Bullet Express also comes with a 100-page "10 second Recipe" book. With the two stay-fresh re-sealable lids that accompany the package, you can easily store your pureed food, salsa, or hummus in the fridge. The cups are all dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe. And, at a mere 4x4x10 inches, this magic little machine will make your coveted counter space reappear.

Before you pinch yourself, I must warn you: there can be a dark side to magic, too. All those cups will add clutter to your cabinets. And its small size means you can only work with small quantities of food at one time. So, if you have a family of more than one, or if you were planning on using this tool to sauce all your summer tomatoes, you may want to think again. Bigger may be better for some, and for others this size is just right.

Here's another small-yet-powerful blender to consider: the Cuisinart SmartPower.

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