Maine Chefs To Cook World’s Largest Lobster Roll

Posted by on May 25

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lobster-roll-linda-beanThis June, the state of Maine will be adding its name to the annals of culinary history as chefs set out to cook the world's largest lobster roll.

Overseeing the operation is spokeswoman and chef Margaret McLellan. After her project is completed, it should reach over five stories high at 60 feet, beating the previous Guinness Book World Records entry of 52'4". The latter winner was created in Augusta on June 29, 1997.

To assemble a bigger, better lobster creation, 150 pounds of dough will be baked on a conveyor belt oven to make a flattened New England frankfurter roll. For the spread, McLellan will mix 45 pounds of claw and knuckle lobster meat with Miracle Whip and a "special blend of herbs and seasonings" known only to Chef McLellan and the seasoning's creator, Linda Bean. Linda is the granddaughter of famed retailer L.L. Bean and is also the owner of a locally-operated company called Linda Bean's Perfect Maine, which provided all the lobster meat to be used at the event.

The lobster roll will be unveiled at the city of Portland's Old Port Festival on June 7. During the event, the roll will be sold to customers at $20 per piece. Proceeds will benefit the local non-profit West End Neighborhood Association in order to provide swimming lessons for the coastal community's children.


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