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Masterbuilt Turkey Fryer If you've always wondered what the deep fried turkey experience would be like but were too afraid of the open flame, the vat of oil in the frosty driveway, having to run between your kitchen and the outdoors to get the meal prepared, Masterbuilt has the solution. Their fryer sits right on the kitchen counter to deep fry not only turkey, but seafood and large batches of frozen food. In addition, you can substitute water for oil to steam or boil items in the same pot.

Free your oven to prepare all the trimmings, pies, and sides, plus save yourself the 5 a.m. slog out to preheat the oven and start the turkey roasting. The unit has a temperature control and timer, making it simple to read and adjust as needed. The included lifting hook and aluminum bailing basket (with a drain clip) help you lift out even heavy foods without burning yourself.

Boil corn, fry pounds of wings, create copious amounts of french fries. A party's worth of food can be knocked out in one attempt. For cleaning, the pot comes equipped with a drain valve to quickly empty the fryer for cleaning or to strain the oil. There's no need to pour or risk a spill or to touch the oil.

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