Mauviel Cupretam Double Boiler Saucepan

Pour la Table Copper 0.8 Quart

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Mauviel Cupretam Double Boiler Saucepan Mauviel is the foremost manufacturer of copper cookware in the world today. Their double boiler system comes with two pans, two porcelain inserts, and a lid. The exterior is made of thick hammered copper, a very efficient conductor of heat, far more so than aluminum or stainless steel. The interior is made from a tin wash, which is nonreactive and easy to clean. Porcelain inserts help to stabilize the heat conducted by the copper exterior. The handles are bronze with copper rivets. Hand washing is recommended and the product comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Double boilers are made to provide a water bath for slow, steady heating of delicate items under controlled temperatures. Beyond the copper and tin layers and their rapid, fantastic conduction of heat, the porcelain inserts add to the sensitivity of the heat produced, further isolating your food from the water bath and harsh temperatures of the stovetop. The tight seal formed by the lid ensures the complexity of your flavors will remain in the ingredients.

People are impressed by the natural beauty of the pan and its peak performance. Whether you prepare intricate gourmet sauces or simply wish to melt chocolate or cheese while preserving the balance of their components, you will be handsomely served by this set.

If you're looking for something a bit more functional and basic, here's a quality double boiler by Farberware.

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