Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table Fondue Set

Brass Copper Tin Pot

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Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table FondueMauviel's take on the fondue pot includes a brass stand, copper lid, and eight matching fondue forks. The copper exterior has a thickness of 1.2 to 2 mm for highly conductive heat distribution, enabling fast, even heating; perfect for preparing hot oil, chocolate or cheese fondue. The interior is formed through a tin wash, which cleans easily and won't react with your food. The tin wash is added to the interior in a traditional method, not the more modern electrolytic deposit process.

The handles are in bronze with copper rivets. Recommended for hand washing, the set comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Mauviel products are backed by over 170 years of experience and are highly regarded by professional chefs and home cooks.

The result of all of this specialized focus is a fondue pot which produces genuine heat without scorching, a heat which travels well into all parts of the pot, providing a superb melt of chocolate or cheese fondue and a thorough simmer of hot oil versions. The complementing lusters of the metals used add to the shine and striking appearance of this metal version pot. A truly fine piece of crafting. Expand on the revelry and fun accompanying the fondue tradition by creating your own rules for what happens should you lose your bread in the dip.

The fondue set goes nicely with the rest of Mauviel's cookware items.

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