Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table Potato Steamer

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Mauviel Cupretam Pour la Table PotatoThe Mauviel Cupretam Potato Steamer cooks potatoes and assorted vegetables placed inside the vessel via water, held in a lower chamber, which steams the food, located in an upper chamber. The polished copper is smooth and shines brightly. The interior features a traditional process tin wash to form an easy to clean surface which won't react with food and ingredients. The bronze handles are secured with copper rivets. The lid fits tightly, sealing in flavor and moisture. Hand washing of this item is recommended. The steamer comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Mauviel has been in business since it was founded by a French family in 1830. Their quality and craftsmanship is very highly regarded in the culinary world, where chefs insist copper is vital to the preparation of extraordinary food.

The features of copper, as well as the tin used to line the interior, are the reason this product can produce exceptionally even heat distribution. Twice as conductive as aluminum and ten times more conductive than stainless steel, the copper construction of the steamer heats quickly and cools just as fast, creating a level of control in food preparation that is unmatched by other metals. This item is oven safe and its beauty demands it be shown at the table as well as used often in the kitchen.

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