Mauviel Cuprinox Frying Pan

Copper Skillet Stainless Steel Thick 10 1/2 Inch

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Mauviel Cuprinox Frying Pan Mauviel offers a 10 1/2 inch frying pan featuring sloped sides for greater control over temperature and handling. The pan is made for high heat frying, aided by 2.5 mm thick copper and its ability to conduct heat.

Created with a stainless steel interior lining, the pan will not react with your food. Stainless steel is made for heavy use and will clean up easily. The handle is heavy duty cast iron with stainless steel rivets for a secure fit. Hand washing of this pan is recommended. The pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Copper's incredible conductivity focuses heat on your food for excellence in browning, searing and sauteing. When you pull the pan from the fire, that accumulated heat dissipates as quickly as it built. Responsiveness like this is necessary for walking that fine line between perfectly prepared and overcooked items. The pan is able to withstand high temperatures and is safe for the oven. The sloped sides of the Mauviel pan help you move your food to turn or stir without spilling.

This line is highly thought of by professional chefs, and home cooks will value it for the high level of functionality and the look of the pieces. This will be a frequently used tool in any kitchen and prove itself a durable, long lasting piece of fine cookware.

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