Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table Crepe Pan

Copper Cast Iron Handle 10.2 Inch

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Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table CrepeThe Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table Crepe Pan has a 10.2 inch flat bottom and shallow sloped sides, perfectly sized for better control over the pancakes as they cook. The 1.2 to 2 mm copper exterior conducts heat quickly and moves it across the surface of the pan as well as into the sides. The heat dissipates rapidly, so you won't burn delicate items. As this is the lightest weight of all the Mauviel exteriors, there is an added degree of ease in handling. The pan is oven safe.

The handle is made of sturdy cast iron and is fastened with stainless steel rivets. The length of the handle creates good leverage. While hand washing is recommended, the stainless steel interior lining makes that clean up hassle free. The interior supports heavy use and eliminates the chance of metallic flavor being imparted to your food. It also eliminates the worry of possible interaction of food with the copper.

The copper possesses a wonderfully traditional look tailor made for table side presentation or service. Mauviel pans come with a limited lifetime warranty and the knowledge that you're getting the benefit of close to two centuries of craftsmanship and technique in each item.

Another crepe pan to consider is this non-stick model by Calphalon.

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