Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table Paella Pan

Copper 14 Inch Stainless Steel

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Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table PaellaMauviel began producing copper cookware over 170 years ago. The family-owned business supplied hotels and restaurants in France just as today they supply chefs around the world with their wares. Widely considered one of the top names in fine commercial and household cookware, they continue to apply their techniques to meet an expansive range of needs.

The Cuprinox Pour La Table 14 inch Paella Pan is an example of their knowledge applied to a pan perfect for the cuisine of their neighbor, Spain. The 14 inch size should serve two to four people. And as the meal should be served in the pan, you want a piece lovely enough for service. This pan masterfully fits the bill.

To properly recreate a true paella, you must have a paella pan. It should be wide and shallow; the sides should splay a bit. Ideally, you want the heat to reach the entire bottom surface of the pan. This is where the conductivity of the 2 mm thick copper exterior becomes critical. You won't need to worry about distributing the heat as the properties of the metal will do so for you. Without hot spots, the dish will cook thoroughly and evenly, ensuring it is ready to perfection across the full volume of food.

Indeed, Mauviel is known for specialty cookware -- like this flambe saucepan.

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