Mauviel Pour La Table Saucepan w/ Lid

Cuprinox Polished Copper 3.7 Quart

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Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table SaucepanThe Mauviel Cuprinox Pour La Table line includes this well sized 3.7 quart saucepan, one of the basics needed in any kitchen. This pan may never leave the stove, not just because it looks elegant with its polished copper exterior, but because it will stand up to any task and outperform lesser cookware. The straight sides are features of the classic style.

Create sauces, steam items, make soup and you have the option to finish items in the oven as the pan is safe for oven use. Clean-up following meal preparation will be fast and easy because the copper exterior has a durable stainless steel lining.

Mauviel pans provide incredibly even heating across the surface and into the sides of the pan. Due to the tight fit of the lid and its heft, you also experience heat from the top down. The lid seals in moisture and nutrients. The handles are varnished bronze with stainless steel rivets. The pan is meant for hand washing and carries a limited lifetime warranty.

The luster of the polished copper adds warmth to your kitchen or table setting. Mauviel brings together tradition and technology to produce top of the line equipment for kitchens around the world.

Here's another Mauviel saucepan, this time in the Cuprinox Style line.

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