Mauviel Cuprinox Saute Pan w/ Lid

Copper Thick 3 Quart Cast Iron

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Mauviel Cuprinox Saute Pan w/ Lid The Mauviel three quart saute pan is an exceptional piece for browning, braising or simmering. This pan is manufactured with 2.5 mm of copper forming the exterior. The pan is heavy, but that weight is working for you. The copper makes up 90% of the body of the pan and its extensive and responsive heat distribution will ensure your dishes cook evenly and thoroughly. The copper also ensures that once you remove the pan from the source, that heat will dissipate just as quickly. Your dishes won't sit and burn or over cook as they rest in the pan. The handle is durable cast iron attached to the pan with stainless steel rivets. Hand washing of this item is recommended and the pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Adjust the heat and the pan you're using should respond. Mauviel pieces do just that, offering impressive control and precision in cooking. The lid not only seals well to keep moisture, flavor and nutrients in your dishes, it acts as another source of heat, helping cook from the top down. The pan is also safe for oven use. When the chefs of the world look for quality cookware, they look for copper and Mauviel is one of the top providers of fine copper cookware.

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