Mauviel Cuprinox Splayed Saute Pan

Copper Thick 0.9 Quart Stainless Steel

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Mauviel Cuprinox Splayed Saute Pan A good pan should respond when you require it to and fit well in your hand, your kitchen, and your level of need for food preparation. Mauviel provides pans which would be the pride and joy of any kitchen, from home to the finest dining establishment. Their saute pan is constructed with splayed sides to work with you when reducing sauces.

The 2.5 mm copper exterior distributes heat evenly and does so with speed. It then releases that heat just as quickly once removed from the fire. This allows you precision control over your preparations. Items added to the pan won't react with the surface because there is a lining of non reactive stainless steel between your food and the copper exterior. Stainless steel cleans up with ease and can stand up to heavy use. The cast iron handle is mounted with stainless steel rivets for a solid connection. This pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty and to care for it, hand washing is recommended.

These are pans you purchase for their use in the long term. They aren't items you'll have to replace every year. They are crafted to be highly functional, aesthetically pleasing, and their form is specific to their function.

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