Mauviel Cuprinox Stockpot w/ Lid

Copper Thick 6 Quart Bronze Handles

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Mauviel Cuprinox Stockpot w/ Lid Allow the 2.5 mm extra thick copper exterior of this pan to improve your meal preparation by applying its ability to distribute heat quickly and efficiently. Mauviel's stockpot is a 6 quart workhorse which can be used to saute or simmer, to boil, cook in large batches and to heat thick sauces thoroughly. The weight and seal of the lid will trap the moisture and flavor into your creations, allowing greater control in seasoning as well as the cooking itself.

A thin stainless steel coating inside the pot isolates your food from the copper exterior, so there are no worries about reaction with the metal. Stainless steel cleans up nicely and won't leave your dish with a metallic taste.

The bronze handles extend well away from the pot for better manipulation and they are solidly anchored in place with stainless steel rivets. With 170 years in business, Mauviel knows the techniques necessary to produce fine copper cookware. Chefs around the world agree that copper cannot be surpassed when it comes to strength and efficiency and that Mauviel has some of the best pans available on the market. Theirs are the kind of kitchen products you can pass down to your grandchildren.

It'll go nicely with this Mauviel saucepan.

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