Mauviel Cuprinox Style Cookware Set

Copper Stainless Steel 5 Piece

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Mauviel Cuprinox Style Cookware Set The five piece set from Mauviel's Cuprinox Style line includes a 1.8 quart saucepan and lid, a 3.3 quart saute pan and lid and a 9.4 inch fry pan. The combination of these three pans will meet the basic needs of any kitchen from amateur to professional. An excellent introduction to Mauviel's high standard for quality and performance, you will be impressed by the level of heat distribution offered by 2 mm copper exteriors. Cook items perfectly and with a higher degree of precision.

Cook without worrying about a reaction between the copper and the food as the pan interiors are lined with stainless steel, which cleans easily with the recommended hand washing. The handles are designed to stay cool during cooking on the stovetop, but are also safe for oven use. The non-drip edges allow mess-free transfer between pans or when serving.

Mauviel cookware comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The company name is recognized world wide as a leader in the manufacture of copper cookware. Their pans have an incredible shine and unique look, right down to the Mauviel stamp on each handle. Their appearance is matched only by their responsiveness in use. You won't be disappointed.

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