Mauviel Cuprinox Style Saute Pan w/ Lid

Copper Stainless Steel Handles 3.2 Quart

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Mauviel Cuprinox Style Saute Pan w/ Lid The Cuprinox Style 3.2 quart Saute Pan by Mauviel is an excellent tool for browning, simmering or braising because of the 2 mm thick copper exterior and the deft manner in which it diffuses heat throughout the surface of the pan. This pan will not have isolated hot spots. You will see the benefits of the spreading heat in the even cooking of each item no matter its location in the pan.

Present as cleanly as you cook thanks to the drip free edges. The stainless steel interiors clean up easily. The exterior of the pan shines nicely, making it difficult to hide it away in a cabinet. This pan should be hand washed. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Handles on these pans are made to stay cool as you use them on the stovetop, but are also safe (just not stay cool) in the oven. The interior of the pan is stainless steel, also a fantastic conductor, and it keeps your food items separate from the copper. This alleviates the worry that food may react with the copper or that the copper could impart a metallic flavor. These are pans you can hand down through the generations in your family; they are that durable and hard working.

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