Mauviel Cuprinox Style Splayed Saute Pan

Copper Stainless Steel 1.7 Quart

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Mauviel Cuprinox Style Splayed SauteThe design of the Mauviel Splayed Saute Pan allows you to get a nice amount of heat coming up from the bottom while evaporation is encouraged by the splayed sides, an ideal environment for reducing certain sauces. Burning won't be a problem as the conductivity of the copper and stainless steel allow heat to dissipate as quickly as it built, so when you remove your sauce from the burner it won't continue to cook. The slope of the sides also helps you toss items in the pan and reduces splattering as you keep food moving.

The exterior is polished and brilliant, but highly functional and 2 mm thick to ensure you'll experience the full benefit of the copper's properties. The sides of the pan include non drip edges, so you can present as cleanly as you cook. The stainless steel interior protects the flavor of your food and cleans up easily.

The cast stainless steel handle stays cool during stovetop use and is safe for the oven. Hand washing of this pan is recommended. The pan comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

Bring Mauviel's generations of experience in the manufacture of fine copper cookware into your home and you will agree Mauviel is top of the line.

Mauviel also makes a standard saute pan with lid in the Cuprinox Style line.

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