Mauviel Gourmet’s Choice Saucepan w/Lid

Copper Cast Iron 3.7 Quart

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Mauviel Gourmet's Choice Saucepan w/Lid All of the classic features of a professional, well-made sauce pan are present in the Mauviel Gourmet's Choice: copper construction, the tall straight sides, rounded base. This line of pans features 2 mm thick copper exteriors which provide up to 90 percent of the material of the pan. Copper's excellent conductivity of heat means your creations will cook evenly, from all sides.

The lid seals well, trapping heat from above and keeping the moisture, nutrients and flavor in your dishes. The varnished cast iron handle is mounted to the pan with stainless steel rivets.

This size pan is large enough for preparing a pot of beans or stock, steaming vegetables or creating sauces. For easy transfer of preparations, the edges of the pan are rolled to prevent drips. The pans sport polished exteriors and a thin stainless steel lining forms the interior of the pan, preventing your ingredients from contacting the copper, so no metallic taste is imparted to your dishes. The pan should be hand washed.

The Gourmet's Choice carries a limited lifetime warranty. It's a lovely pan, one which will see daily use, by a manufacturer known around the world for the quality and durability of their product.

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