Mauviel Gourmet’s Choice Saute Pan w/ Lid

Copper Cast Iron 3.2 Quart

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Mauviel Gourmet's Choice Saute Pan w/The Gourmet's Choice line features 2 mm thick copper construction, polished exteriors and rolled pan edges, which prevent drips when pouring. Varnished cast iron handles are solidly fastened with stainless steel rivets. The pan is oven safe and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. Hand washing is the recommended method for cleaning.

Sauteing involves cooking in a small amount of fat or oil, keeping the food moving in the pan. Three to five quarts is considered an ideal size range in a saute pan, where the wide flat bottom provides plenty of surface area to crisp or brown foods. When a dish requires further cooking or a sauce accompanies, this pan is well designed to expertly handle both the cooking and transfer to plate.

Copper cookware is fantastic when it comes to distributing heat and the lid of the Mauviel is heavy enough to provide additional heat from above, and to seal in the juices and flavors of your ingredients. These pans widely spread the heat they conduct, so they don't develop one or two hot spots. Your whole dish will be exposed to an even temperature for a more consistent final product. Mauviel is highly thought of in gourmet and professional circles and their expertise in the manufacture of fine copper cookware is unsurpassed.

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